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Pete Chasar
Fine Art

I grew up, went to school and spent an early career in advertising on the East Coast. My formal art training includes four years of high school art and art history in college, and I often visited the works of old and modern masters at New York's major museums. Aside from these early studies, I am self-taught.

My work today involves three diverse forms of art, including realistic contemporary landscape paintings, geometric sculptures, and abstract expressionist paintings.

With my landscape paintings, I strive to achieve the illusion of reality, using a minimum of detail. My objective is to recreate the feeling of a particular place at a particular time and/or season. One word often used by viewers to describe my landscape paintings is 'serene.'

All of my paintings have a painted gallery wrap edge, so they can be displayed with or without frames. But I do frame some pieces with simple natural wood bands that leave a three-eighths-inch gap or reveal between canvas and frame.

My art has been displayed at shows from Sacramento, California to Vancouver, Washington and is regularly on display at galleries in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Pete Chasar

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