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Pete Chasar
Fine Art
Slide House

Slide House is an exploration of adaptive reuse that combines art, architecture, scenic beauty and nostalgia. It is a 3-dimensional representation of a small, Frank-Lloyd-Wright-style house fabricated from 3,000 vintage 35mm slides and other recycled materials. Walls, chimney, carport column, and planter boxes -- all are made from glued-up slides, some lapped together like clapboards, others glued up in stacks. The roof is recycled corrugated kraft paper (cardboard). Only the piece's base is wood.

While most slide images are concealed within the Slide House structure, some slide images are used as windows and doors. These images spring to life when viewers press a switch that turns on interior lighting. All of the viewable slide images are outdoor scenes.

To provide Slide House with a symbolic landscape, colors representing driveway and patio paving, as well as grass, have been painted onto the plywood base. A few faux plants and boulders provide additional landscape context.

  • Dimensions: 40 inches wide, 60 inches long, 16 inches high.
  • Weight: 40 pounds.
  • Electrical: Switch-activated LED lighting requiring only 16 watts of 120-volt current.
  • Mounting/display: Can rest on detachable 36-inch legs or table/platform of similar height.

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